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. . . but GOD

This week, we’ll kick off a new series on what happens when we put one particular little word right next to our very big God. How many times a week do you incorporate the words “. . . but I. . . .” into a conversation?  What would it be like if we learned to see life through the lens of “. . . but GOD . . . ?” For the next seven weeks, we’ll consider seven instances in Scripture in which those words are used.  I’m excited about our journey and its implications for how we see life and live our lives!  (And don’t forget, you can get your weekend started early at our new Thursday night service at 6:45 at the VR Campus!)

Many of us are praying about Hurricane Matthew already; yesterday, it passed through the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere – Haiti.  While we are awaiting more information concerning the conditions there, we’ve gone ahead and set up a “Disaster Relief” account on the giving application on our website so that we will be in position to respond to the needs of communities affected by the hurricane. We are examining several different options for how the people of Haiti and elsewhere can be helped in an effective manner through knowledgeable people with “boots on the ground” there. 

Finally, if you missed hearing our vision update over the last few weeks in regard to our next steps as a church, you can catch up here.

Grace and Peace,

See You Soon!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles