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"3 Practical Insights for Better Living" by Tim Ketchersid

God works in our lives in a variety of ways to accomplish his work of transforming us into the image of Christ.   Books, people and videos are some of the principal ways He has worked in my life and in 2012 the Lord blessed me through these with three practical insights for better living that I think might bless your life as well.

1. A Simple Prayer
The first practical insight for better living was a simple prayer that Randy Harris taught us at the Fall Leadership Renewal event.  You can hear what Randy had to say here The prayer Randy taught us is four simple statements that will help you stay focused on who and what is most important when it comes to following the way of Christ.  The prayer goes like this:   Today I will be incompetent.  Today I will be fully present to God and others.  Today I will be the Christ to others.  Today I will see the Christ in others.  There is a lot to these four simple statements and praying them sincerely will make a difference in your life.

2. Resolving the Heart of Conflict
The second practical insight for better living came from the Arbinger Institute through two books - Leadership and Self-Deception and the Anatomy of Peace.  You can get a summary of some of the material by watching this 19 minute video:The books offer some profound and practical advice for improving and strengthening relationships and living out the golden rule.  In particular, the Anatomy of Peace suggests that we should be spending the majority of our time “helping things go right” rather than on “dealing with things that are going wrong.”   The book offers practical suggestions for how to do that and I whole heartedly recommend both books to everyone.

3. Levels of Change
The third practical insight for better living came from a video series taught by Bob Hamp -  the Executive Minister of Spiritual Formation, at Gateway Church in Grapevine.   There are five classes but the one that had the biggest impact on me was Levels of Change. You can see the video here:  The Foundational Freedom classes will give you an understanding of how to better partner with God in His work of transforming you into the image of Christ.  The practical insight I got from Levels of Change is that we most often try to affect change by changing our behavior or environment.  These are the lower levels of change.  But the best, quickest most long lasting change is the result of changes to my identity and core beliefs.  These are the higher levels of change and are the result of God revealing to me my true identity – God’s blueprint for my life – and from hearing God’s word in such a way that it changes what I truly believe is the truth about who God is and what he is like.

These insights have made my life better.  I believe these people, books and experiences will bless your life if you will let them.

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles