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"Four Simple Steps to Effective Journaling - SOAP" by Tim Ketchersid

Tim Ketchersid - Executive MinisterOne of the most catalytic practices for growing in love for God and love for others is reflecting on scripture daily.  For the past two years I have been engaging with scripture by using the “Life Journal Reading Plan," and it has been a great experience.  This particular plan for reading through the Bible in a year was developed by Wayne Cordeiro, and introduced me to a simple four step process for reflecting on scripture through journaling (you can get more information on the plan here or here ).

Wayne Cordeiro developed a simple mnemonic device – SOAP – for journaling that helps me stay focused as I reflect on scripture.  The “S” stands for scripture, and it is a reminder to simply make a note of the passage in the day’s reading that particularly stood out.  The “O” stands for observation, and is a reminder to jot down the insight the Lord brought to your attention through the passage.  The “A” stands for application, and prompts you to write down how you will apply the insight.  The “P” stands for prayer, and is a reminder to ask for God’s help in walking out what you have learned.  You can go here ( ) to see what a journal entry looks like.


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles