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Vista Ridge Campus

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Thursday  Sunday
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News & Featured Articles

5 Year-Olds And Communion

Several years ago, when Cooper, our youngest, was about 5 years old, we were sharing communion one Sunday.  We were talking to him about what the bread and cup meant and praying together as a family.  During this time, we allowed him to have some of the bread for himself after telling him it represented the body of Christ.  As the trays were moving away from him he exclaimed, “I want more body!”

It tickles me to this day, but it also calls me to want more of Jesus. May it be so, Lord.

We’re wrapping up our series “Beyond All Shame” this weekend by exploring all the ways “misplaced shame” or “false shame” is at work in our culture and our lives.  We’ll talk about how to work through it as followers of Jesus, and what it means to launch a revolution against shame as Christ-followers in our culture today. Come with friends in tow! 

Over the last couple of weekends at each of our campuses, I’ve shared an important update in regard to our mission and vision as a church.  If you missed the announcement on either campus, you can click here for the text of my announcement. I’m excited about our future together at The Branch!

Finally, I’ll be beginning a new series after this weekend: “But God . . . .”  Those two words are used together often in Scripture. They also tell the story of many of our lives.

Don’t forget that you can get your weekend started early with our Thursday night service at 6:45 pm at the VR Campus. Dinner served till 6:30!

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles