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Dallas, TX 75234

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10:45 am (Contemporary)

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Vista Ridge Campus

3601 Huffines Blvd.
Carrollton, TX 75010

Thursday  Sunday
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6-year-olds, the Amazon App, and This Weekend

This past Christmas, a 6-year-old little girl used her sleeping mother’s thumb to unlock her phone. Kids are watching us. A couple of hours later when her mom was awake, she got a text notification for the purchase of 13 Pokemon items that had been ordered through her Amazon app. The mom said that “$250 later,” her little girl had shopped for all her Christmas presents on Amazon and that she was really proud of herself.

There’s no word as to whether or not Santa left the little girl coal in her stocking.

If you missed this past weekend’s opening message on faith, technology, and the quality of our lives, please watch or listen online, and come ready with friends in tow for part 2 this weekend.  “Present: Learning To Be Where You Are” continues! 

We live in a day and age in which we are, quite literally, bowing down a great deal to our devices. They can be tremendous servants, but are terrible masters. We need wisdom to know the difference and live in light of it.

Our temporary wall is up at the Vista Ridge Campus, which enables us to still use a portion of the worship center for services while the front is being renovated. Demolition of the front part of the room is going on all this week.  You can check out a time-lapse video here of the wall going up.

You can catch up more on where we are with Beyond Me by clicking banner below or reading the January issue of BranchOut!

Grace and Peace!

See You Thursday night or Sunday!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles