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9/11, 9/12, And Honor

September 12, 2018

Yesterday marked 17 years since the tragic events of 9/11/01. Honor was shown in many ways yesterday – honor for those who died, honor for those loved ones who still grieve, honor for those who are in various expressions of civil service.

Today is 9/12. Do you remember how most people were living on 9/12/01? They were arguing less about things that didn’t matter. They were apologizing, they were reconciling, they were appreciating the present moment with loved ones, they were conscious of their need for God in this dark world. In short, they were living more wisely. Yesterday we remembered 9/11. Let’s live today like we did during the days immediately after 9/11.

One of the things we learned last weekend in our new series on honor is the meaning of honor within Scripture. It comes from a word related to “weight” or “heavy.” To honor someone is to say they carry weight with us, they matter, and they are not to be taken lightly. We also learned why it’s important that we recognize how God has honored us before we consider what it means to honor Him or others.

This weekend, we’ll turn a corner and begin to explore what it means to honor God, and, in particular, His name. It might surprise you. Come with an open heart and friends in tow!

See You Thursday night or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,


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Chris Seidman
Senior Minister


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News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles