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93 Years

The Branch Church

October 17, 2018

This past weekend, we took some time to honor two giants of the faith in our legacy as a church as we also commemorated 30 years at our present campus in Farmers Branch. Ed Bonneau and Eddy Ketchersid represent 93 years of collective servant leadership of The Branch. So much of what we celebrate and do well as a church is very much due to what the Lord has done through these two men and their brides. What a treasure they are. I’m grateful for Tim Ketchersid and so many of you who worked to make the weekend so special!

Speaking of honor, our Honor series will continue for two more weekends. If you missed last weekend’s sermon, I do hope you’ll get online and check it out.


Many of you, through spontaneous gifts to disaster relief that you made this past Sunday, are honoring people you’ll never meet in the Panama City area.  On Monday, we wired over $30,000 to efforts going on to help the people of the Palo Alto Church and nearby community in the wake of disastrous Hurricane Michael. The conditions are very bad in the city. This money will be used to address so many immediate needs of people in the church and surrounding community. Thank you!!!



I’m excited about what’s in store for us as we approach December. Four years ago, we journeyed through the gospel of Luke, and two years ago we walked through the gospel of John.   Beginning in December, we’ll take a journey through the gospel of Luke that will conclude Easter weekend of next year. (The beginning of Luke just happens to be the real story of Christmas. I can’t wait!)


If you’re scoring at home, that’s a gospel every two years. Lord willing, we’ll do the gospel of Matthew in another couple of years. 


Why the journey through each of the gospels? These are rhythms that keep us centered on Jesus while deepening our roots in Jesus; at the same time, they bring fresh and up-front opportunities for new people in our lives to be introduced to Jesus.


Will you please be praying for me this next month as I prepare to take us through Luke so that, in the end, Jesus might go through us?  Will you be praying for who you’ll invite to come along for the ride?


There’s not a person you’ll meet who doesn’t need Jesus.


Grace and Peace,




Chris Seidman
Senior Minister


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News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles