Weekend Summer Interns

It is very important for our kids to see familiar faces on Sundays in Kids Branch.  I want our kids to have adult small group leaders who they know, and trust.  That is why we strive to have consistent nine-month volunteers in Kids Branch.  During the summer, it's a challenge to provide the same consistency and quality as our nine-month volunteers, and this year we adopted a new strategy: Weekend Summer Interns.  After two weeks, this strategy is working!  Our Weekend Summer Interns are bringing energy, enthusiasm, and consistency to our Uptown program at each campus, and our kids are loving it!  When you see one of these college students wearing a red "Epic" tshirt, introduce yourself and let them know they are appreciated.  

Farmers Branch Weekend Interns
  • Christiana DeLaRue, Baylor University (full-time sumer intern)
  • Laura Burnett
  • Kaitlyn Drew, Texas A&M;
  • Maggie Hunter, Tulsa University
  • Caleb Medlin, Dallas Christian College
  • Morgan Watten, Abilene Christian University
  • Hannah Witty, Abilene Christian University
Vista Ridge Weekend Interns
  • Sam Peters (full-time summer intern)
  • Calli Cox, Belmont University
  • Katy Escott, Abilene Christian University
  • Juston Holton, Stephen F. Austin University
  • Hannah Lowe, Abiliene Christian University
  • Nikki Teutsch, Univeristy of Texas - Arlington 
  • Sam Teutsch, Univeristy of Texas - Arlington