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A Conversation Worth Having

Several years ago when our youngest son Cooper was about 5, he was sitting in a service while communion was passed. We allowed him to have a communion wafer, whispered about how it reminded us of the physical body of Christ, and prayed together as a family. After a few seconds passed and the communion tray was long gone, Cooper exclaimed rather loudly, “I want more body!!!!!”

I know he was talking about the wafer, but may we all have such a passion for Jesus. This coming weekend we’ll wrap up #worthit as I share with you “A Conversation Worth Having.” I hope it will be some practical help for us when it comes to creating potential opportunities for us to share our hope with others.

Speaking of sharing our hope, we have well over 100 people launching “Explore God” conversation groups in the next week. We’ll be kicking off the “Explore God” series on the weekend of September 13! If you missed the training this past Tuesday night on either campus, for VR contact Ryan Rainey, for FB contact Tim Ketchersid.

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles