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More Questions from Saturday Night's Live Q&A

This past Saturday night, after the message, we attempted a bit of an interactive experiment in our service.  People were encouraged to text questions from their reading in Chapter 1 of The Story or even in response to the message.  The questions would pop up on the screens in our service for all to see and I would attempt to respond to them "on the fly" and off the top of my head and heart in front of everyone.  I think I addressed 5 of them.  Below are others I received.  We'll try it again this coming weekend if you want to play or just watch me "crash and burn." :)  (We won't be doing this on Sundays due to the nature of being on a multiple service schedule.)

My answers below are off the top of my head.  I've got a full docket this week, but wanted to do what I could to honor the questions as best I can at the moment.  

It says "every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood" - aren't we good from childhood?

Actually, it says in Genesis 6 "that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time." It doesn't say from childhood.  You might be thinking of something that the psalmist said in Psalm 51:5 about being sinful from birth.  But that maybe another discussion for another time.  We're in Genesis. (And I got to address more questions and then get to work on the message for this coming weekend) :)

If the sun and moon were created on the fourth day, how can day and night exist on the first day?

The sun, moon, and stars aren't the only sources of light.  Consider that in heaven, according to Revelation 22, there will be no sun, but there is still light.  It's possible for light to pre-exist the sun, moon, and stars.

Were there multitudes of men and women created, then Adam and Eve later?

I don't believe so from how I'm reading Genesis 1-2. 

Speaking of time lines, is each day in creation to be considered as a literal day as we know it?

Perhaps so.  But there is a variance of opinion among believers as to whether it's literal or not.  Personally, I've seen it as such, but I don't have a lot of heartburn with people who see it otherwise.  Scripture is theological in its thrust, i.e. the function of it is to reveal the nature of God, etc.., as opposed to being a comprehensive historical and scientific document.

Thanks for experimenting with me a bit and having some fun.  We'll try it out again this coming Saturday night following the message!

May God give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you journey through Chapter 2 of The Story this week.

Grace and peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles