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A Game Changer For Women Everywhere

Have you ever thought about how many names there are today which have their roots in the story of Jesus? Matt, Phil, John, Mark, Elizabeth, Mary, Tim, Dorcas (wait, maybe not her, but she is mentioned in Acts), etc. Jesus changed our world in so many ways. His coming introduced a whole new set of names for people around the world. By the way, have you noticed how few people are named Aristotle, Plato, or Nero?

We’ll continue Game Changer this weekend as we explore the most significant ways Jesus has changed the world. Specifically, we’ll consider how He changed the world for women. Don’t miss it, and come with guests in tow! It will be informative, interesting, and inspiring, and hopefully will deepen your appreciation for Jesus all the more!

Finally, let me encourage you about something. Has it ever occurred to you that Jesus’ first disciples misunderstood what Jesus was all about? They thought He was about one thing (delivering them from Rome), when Jesus was up to something quite different. And yet, even in their misunderstanding, He used them to bring news about a King they didn’t fully understand, as well as to bring a measure of healing and transformation to others around them.

There are plenty of things we don’t know about God, Jesus, Scripture, etc, and there are plenty of questions we don’t have the answers to. There are even some issues where we think we are right (just like the disciples), but yet are wrong and just don’t know it. Nevertheless, the Lord can and does still work through us.
Don’t let what you don’t know keep you from sharing what you do know and have experienced as a result of the grace of God in your life. Sow a seed this week. Have a conversation. Pray for an opportunity. It’s our role to open our mouths. It’s God’s to open their hearts.

Grace and Peace,

See you this weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles