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A New Addition, An Update, IF, and More

There’s more than one way God calls to people. Sometimes we get the idea from Scripture that He spoke directly and audibly to everyone. He didn’t. He has His reasons. And He has His ways. “The Calling” tour continues this weekend! Join us with friends in tow!


I’m thrilled that the FB Campus is hosting “If: Gathering” this Friday and Saturday, February 9-10, for women in our vicinity.  For more information and to register, check it out here.


I’m particularly mindful this week of what a treasure it is to get to work alongside the people I do. I’ve just returned from our staff retreat, and I don’t have the words to convey how richly blessed we are as a church with the ministry and administrative staff we have.

I’m also thrilled with a new addition! Ketch Smith will be serving as our new student minister at the Vista Ridge Campus. He and his wife Olivia will be introduced to the Vista Ridge Campus and ordained this coming weekend. Kyle Poff, who has faithfully served as our VR student minister, is transitioning to a new role as our director of technology.


The remodel of the auditorium continues to make progress. Our team is making some changes to the screen technology on the temporary wall right now which will hopefully improve our experience together in the meantime. Thanks to those who’ve shifted to Thursday night to help make space on Sundays! 


This past weekend I shared with you a few stats as it relates to the funding of the children’s building, expansion of the lobby, and remodel of the existing children’s wing at the VR Campus. 

*502 households have made financial commitments to this project that can be fulfilled over the course of three years.

*$6.3 million has been committed by these households. $1,485,249 has already been given in the last 90 days (about 24% of what’s committed).

*In addition, if you remember, a $2.5 million matching gift was also committed. As of today, $1 million of this has already been given (40% of the matching gift commitment thus far).

*So presently $2,485,249 has already been given to this project in the last 90 days!

This is a remarkable start. Remember that we went into this as a debt-free church, and it is our intention to fund this project without incurring any long-term debt. We are on track to do this.

I do want to clarify something, though, because I don’t want to mislead anyone. There is a possibility we will have to get a short-term construction loan while people are in the midst of fulfilling their commitments. We don’t intend to carry this for long at all, but I did not want to leave this unmentioned. A lot of this depends upon the pace at which commitments are fulfilled, and our obligations toward those performing their services in the construction process. We will keep you informed about whether or not we’ll need to do this in the short-term.

Thank you again for a great start to this year!

See You Thursday or Sunday for more of “The Calling,”

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles