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A Privilege Denied To Many And Caleb, Beyond Me Update

This past week my mother-in-love, Pam Willingham (Tara’s mom), said something that captured my heart. “Never regret or resent growing old. It’s a privilege denied to many.” There’s no question that it has its challenges, as with every stage of life.  But as she often has done in my life, Pam speaks wisdom. 

Speaking of growing old, this coming weekend we’ll wrap up our journey through some of the great stories in Joshua about a relatively old man named Caleb. The last time we see him, he’s scaling a mountain to face some giants.  I can’t wait to share his story! Caleb has much to teach us about finishing strong when it comes to our journey with the Lord! Don’t miss this one!

Now what follows is a little lengthy but important. Please read. 


My spirit is still quite tender and moved in response to how so many of you have sought the Lord over the last couple of months in response to Beyond Me. This past weekend, you shared your commitments. They totaled a little more than $6.4 million!  These commitments do not include the $2.5 million matching commitment pledged by two more of our members. When you add these two together, this brings us to around $8.9 million committed to this project. In addition to that, we already have $1.25 million set aside for the project. This brings us to a little more than $10 million committed.

Many of you remember that the estimated cost of the project is around $9 million. So our commitments exceed our estimated cost. What does this mean for now? The church’s collective response has confirmed for our leadership that the Lord’s hand is in this. We intend to proceed with the project.

I’ve already been asked, “So when do I begin giving to this project?” Our commitment cards indicated the commitment period is from December 2017 through November 2020, so we are treating the first weekend of December (12/3/2017) as the start of our commitment period for recurring weekly, monthly, and yearly gifts. If your planned giving schedule is different, that is also okay. All commitments have been loaded into BranchConnect (our church management system), so a progress report can be sent to each household annually. This will show the amount your household has given to date versus the amount noted on your commitment card.


The first thing is worship and thanksgiving! Tonight at the Farmers Branch Campus at 7:00 pm is an all-church Night of Worship!  Our worship teams and ministers from both campuses will be leading our time together.  Join us for a time of extended worship and focused prayer in regard to what is happening right now in the life of our church and in our individual lives. 

As for next steps beyond tonight, David Teutsch, our executive minister, and three individuals in our church who have around 100 years of combined experience in the world of commercial construction, have interviewed general contractors and are in the process of selecting a contractor to work with our architect in the design development phase of the project.

If the commitments exceed the cost, then is there a plan for the surplus  commitments? This is something for us to consult the Lord about most  definitely. As we get deeper into this process over the next few months,  we hope to have some concrete answers in this regard.

Going forward we will have a dedicated page on our website reporting on where we are in the process. I will often include a link to in my weekly emails when the page is updated as a reminder to check it.  We’ll also be regularly updating you in our monthly BranchOut.

Well, I’ve kept you long enough. Thank you for reading. We want to do the best we can to keep you apprised of developments and answer your questions.  Should you have further detailed questions regarding Beyond Me, please contact David Teutsch or myself.

See You Soon!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles