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Alpha & Omega

I write from a chair beside my mom’s hospital bed in our house.  It appears to be her last day, if not hours. (Of course, hospice has been saying that since Saturday.  Mom was never one for fast goodbyes.) In the very next room, my 6-month-old nephew is attempting to resist a legislated nap.  I’m sandwiched in between one at the beginning of life and one near the end.  Jesus is Lord at both ends.  He’s the Alpha and the Omega.  

If you missed my rather spontaneous message about mom this past Mother’s Day weekend, I hope you take some time and watch/listen this week.  It really has more to do the Lord than my mom, but there’s little question that mom’s life and faith does an effective job of directing our attention to the Lord.

Believe it or not, I’m looking forward to sharing the word from James 1:26-2:13, which I was going to share this past weekend, this coming weekend.  There’s no place I’d rather be during this season of life than with my church home.  Speaking of James 1:26 and following, mom wishes that donations be made to the Christian Relief Fund (which cares for orphans and widows) in her name, rather than sending flower arrangements when the time comes to celebrate her life. 

What a blessing so many of you have been along this journey!  There’s no possible way we can recollect every particular gesture of generosity and kindness over the last couple of years – there are just too many!  I know, though, that the Lord sees and notes every one.  May each of you be blessed accordingly!

And now, I’ll close with this reflection.

Recently, I’ve been mindful that I will have lost parents in two different ways.  One, quite sudden, and the other is taking a longer route.  Dad had just turned 52 when he passed suddenly. We were living in Pensacola at the time.  Mom has taken a different route, and in the room right next to ours.  Here's what I'm so thankful for, though. In either case, when it came to my relationship with them, there was no reconciling to be done and nothing left unsaid.

There's retirement planning, and then there's "expirement" planning. The apostle Paul was right on. "Don't let the sun go down on your anger . . . ."  Do your best to be in a rhythm of living in peace and at peace with your loved ones. 

Grace and peace to you all!

See you this weekend,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles