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Are You A BUICK?

What a week for sports fans. College basketball’s national championship, the opening of another Major League Baseball season, and the Masters. As excited as I am about this week, I’m even more excited about Easter at The Branch. Pray for hearts and make some invites. A seed can’t bear fruit unless it’s planted.  Plant the seed and let’s see what happens!

Did you hear the one about what kind of car scholars believe Jesus’ earliest disciples drove? They think it was a Honda. Some translations say that the disciples “were all in one accord.”

Speaking of cars, a lot of us are BUICKs. We are “Brought-Up-In-Church Kids.” If you were raised in a church, you were raised to believe that Jesus arose from the dead.  Some people believe it because they were raised to believe it. Others believe it for reasons beyond that.  Others project an image that they believe it, but, deep down inside, they have their doubts.

We are coming to the conclusion of the gospel of John this week in our daily readings. This coming weekend, one weekend before Easter, I’m actually going to be reflecting on the resurrection of Jesus. A small portion of the message will address those of us who quietly struggle with believing it really happened, and why believing it really happened matters. You might think that the message will be a week early, but, the truth is, it’ll actually prepare our hearts and sharpen our focus for Easter weekend.  Come with guests in tow – whether they believe or not. 

See you Thursday night or Sunday morn!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles