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"Avalanche" by Chris Seidman

Recently Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr.  wrote of a fascinating study featured in The Columbia Journalism Review.  The study referred to the avalanche of information and data sweeping into the typical American home.  It cited a report evaluating the amount of information coming into the average American home in 1960 and comparing it to the amount flowing into the American home in 2005.  

According to the report....."in 1960 there were 82 minutes of media coming into the home each day for every minute someone in the household actually consumed media. In 2005, that number had grown to 884 incoming minutes for each minute of consuming. Our information overload is nearly 11 times greater than it was 45 years ago. Shocked? No, probably not, but perhaps comforted that there is a plausible number to attach to your sense of the avalanche.”

And that was 2005.  There's little doubt we're living under even a greater avalanche today. 

The incredible technology of our day has made it possible for us to be exposed to so much information at all times. No wonder there are times we feel overwhelmed and exhausted. 

It appears as though there is more competing for our attention than ever before.  This calls for a ruthless prioritizing of what we give our attention to and how much attention we give to it. 

In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus commended a woman for sitting at His feet and choosing "what is better."  

There's much to be said for developing a rhythm of listening and soaking in what God has to say above all the other messages in our world. It makes a difference. 

As I heard someone once say, "When you look at God through your circumstances, He seems small.  When you look at your circumstances through God, you realize that they are."

 It makes a difference what you look through.

Beginning in the latter part of January 2013, we're going to launch an ambitious initiative as a church when it comes to what God has to say.  We'll be journeying through the story of God from Genesis to Revelation in a 31 week series called "The Story."  This will be an approach weaving the messages I do on the weekends, with personal daily readings, as well as our discussions in our small groups.  There are also teen, children's, and toddler versions of "The Story." 

This will be an opportunity to truly adjust our vision and begin to see more of life and our world through God. 

You'll be hearing more about "The Story" in the coming weeks at The Branch. 

In the meantime, be thinking about who you'll invite to come along with us as we journey through "The Story." 

"The Story" version of The Bible will be available for purchase in our lobbies beginning December 8-9 and into the month of January.

 It'll make a difference!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles