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Baptism Sundays And Some Important News

Greetings! This is a longer email from me than normal, but there is some important and time-sensitive information to bring you up to speed on. So without further delay . . . .

I’ve received more response from this past weekend’s message than any message thus far in the “Explore God” series. If you missed this past weekend’s message on “Is the Bible Reliable?” please take some time and watch/listen to it so that you’ll be prepared for part 2 this weekend. There is a second link at the bottom of this email for this past weekend’s message.

Of course, any day is a great day for baptism! But as we are nearing the end of our “Explore God” series, I believe this would be an appropriate time to offer baptism to those who have not yet taken this step, or to those who may feel prompted to do it again after hearing the messages over the last few weeks. We would like to create some appropriate space in our services for this to happen for those who desire it. We need your help, though.

If you would like to “dive in” on November 1st at the VR Campus, or on November 8th at the FB Campus, please email me at so that we can make plans accordingly, as well as address any questions you might have. I’ll be shooting a special video message on baptism in the next few days, and will make it available for anyone who desires more biblical understanding on this special experience.

We are a little more than a year removed from announcing our intention to launch a third campus of The Branch Church. You can read more about that here:
Over the course of the last year, we’ve decided not to purchase land and build a new facility due to the expense. Therefore, we’ve been looking at existing commercial and church facilities which are on the market now or will be soon. We’ve “kicked the tires” on one particular place, but still have some questions about it which need to be resolved.

This particular part of our journey is taking some time, longer than we anticipated. It reminds me of our journey the first time we launched a campus. About 15 months passed in between the time of our announcement and the time of the purchase of the VR Campus.

I’m not saying that 15 months is the magic number. I’m simply reminding us that these things take time. We also learned, though, from our experience with the purchase and launch of VR, that when it’s time to move, we can move – and fast. Keep your calendar but don’t throw away your stopwatch. Thank you for your patience and persistence in prayer in this process.

One of the things we have been prayerful about regarding the launch of a third campus concerns the financial aspect of it. We’ve been very blessed to be debt-free as a church for the last couple of years, and desire to continue in this rhythm. A few months ago, we were contacted by Carrollton Christian Academy regarding their desire to relocate and inquiring about a small portion of our Vista Ridge property. Our eldership and their board had a lengthy meeting as well as prayer about this possibility. We recently entered into an agreement to sell CCA 3.5 acres of the Vista Ridge property along Huffines Road for $1.2 million. We still retain 16 acres.

This transaction will not close until January. In the meantime, both leaderships are encouraged that this agreement will serve to bless both CCA and The Branch Church in the roles we seek to play in the mission of God in our city.

We are anticipating the cost of a facility for the third campus being in the neighborhood of $3.5 million. Presently we have $560,000 set aside toward the third campus. The additional $1.2 million in January will help us get closer to our goal of launching the third campus in a way that is financially responsible.
For more details about the third campus or the sale of the acreage, please contact our executive minister David Teutsch.

Let us stay prayerful, thankful, and watchful for the ways God is working and the opportunities He puts before us in our daily lives.

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles