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Blood is Life

Think about a time you’ve given blood, or had your blood pressure checked, or had some kind of constrictive band or tourniquet placed on your arm. In my experience, I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my arm. The longer it’s left in place, the worse it feels. If I try to do something with that arm - such as make a fist or use some scissors – it will quickly cramp. When I take off the constriction, blood rushes into my aching arm and soothes my muscles. A tremendous sense of physiological relief is experienced.

That experience I’ve just described is a picture of the cleansing power of blood. We don’t often think of blood as a cleansing agent. It’s usually something we’re trying to remove from our clothes, carpet, or skin. We tend to think of blood more as a stain to be cleansed. Biologically speaking, though, it could be considered the most prominent cleansing agent in our body.

When the blood supply to my arm was diminished, my muscles kept working. They converted the oxygen stored within them to energy. In the course of that conversion process, waste products are produced. These waste products – or toxins – are usually carried away by a normal blood flow through the muscles. With the flow of blood cut off, though, they were not washed out of my muscles. The toxins piled up and could have impeded my muscles from performing altogether.

This is but one thing blood does in our bodies.

The more modern research has revealed about the wonders of blood, the more I marvel at everything Scripture has to say about the blood of Jesus and its relevance to our lives. It does many things, not the least of which is act as a cleansing agent in our lives when it comes to the toxins of sin and guilt. There’s so much more it does, though.

This coming weekend, we’ll begin a new series called “Blood” in which we’ll explore the mystery, significance, and power of the blood of Christ in our lives. Along the way, we’ll also come to understand why the message of Jesus can be hard to swallow for us at times.

Blood isn’t always pleasant to think about. Some of us are quite squeamish about it. But without it, there’s no life.

Blood is life.

His blood is our life.

Come with friends in tow. Everyone needs an ongoing transfusion of Him.

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles