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Botham Jean, Honor, And Equipping For Grief And Healing

The Branch Church

September 19, 2018

Our city continues to find itself at the center of discussions on issues of race, prejudice, justice, and partiality in the wake of the tragic death of Botham Jean. For some, it’s easy to say, “Trust the process,” and for others, not so much, because they or someone they love have first-hand experience with prejudice and partiality in the exercise of due process. Add to all of this the fuel of opinion, speculation, and analysis that’s spread through social media, and all kinds of additional fires are set ablaze. 


A couple of summers ago, I did a month-long series called “Amazing (G)race” which addressed some of the very themes we are seeing raised again. By no means is it a perfect or comprehensive series, but it was an attempt to allow Scripture -- and Jesus in particular -- to show us the way forward in regard to these matters. We also had some powerful testimonies in the series that helped us grow in empathy and understanding. If you weren’t here during that time or missed the series, it can be found online.


We have a long way to go as a city.


And those of us who profess to follow Jesus have a long way to go as well.


In the midst of all of this are also issues of honor – honoring the Lord, honoring others, and honoring the Lord through honoring others.  


We’ll do part 3 of Honor this weekend. Read Malachi 1 in advance, and bring a friend!



One of the roles of leadership within the church is to equip God’s people for works of service (Ephesians 4:11-12). We’ve had as many as 160 people with us each night of Celebrate Recovery for the last three weeks as we’ve focused on the subject of grief and healing. The ministry and equipping has been powerful and practical. We are so thankful for Dr. Larry Barber, who facilitated our time together.


If you’ve missed the last three weeks, next Tuesday at 7:00 pm represents another opportunity for you. It’ll be the final session of this series. It’ll be specifically focused on equipping people who may not be grieving themselves, but are in a relationship with someone who is. 


See You Thursday Night or Sunday,

Grace and Peace,


Chris Seidman
Senior Minister


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News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles