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Branch Connect FAQ

Is my personal info secure?

Access to Branch Connect is restricted to individuals who have an affiliation with The Branch Church. Anyone who requests a login/password to Branch Connect will automatically receive one only if he/she already has an email address in the system.

If a person does not have a matching email in the system, then the request will be emailed to the our staff for review and approval.

Default privacy settings make email addresses visible to all who are logged in.  If you're a member of The Branch, we've also made your contact phone number visible by default.  You can change these privacy settings at any time.

Your street address and all other personal information is viewable only by friends you designate and members of the groups you are in. This allows maximum contact between group members while providing privacy across the congregation. You may change these settings after you log in to Branch Connect.

What information can others see about me?

Only your name picture (if you upload one) will be visible to everyone logged in to Branch Connect. All other information in your profile is controlled by you in your privacy settings.

By default, Branch member's phone numbers and email addresses are visible.  

For security reasons, profiles for children less than 13 years of age will be hidden from everyone that doesn't have "Child Work Approved" status.

Can I edit my own information?

Yes!  You may edit your profile and we encourage you to keep it updated. We want Branch Connect to be our church’s source for accurate information. By keeping your profile up to date, you’ll be helping others in the church to communicate more effectively with you and enable church leaders to stay informed more efficiently.

Can I see my family’s records?

Yes. In addition, if you are either the primary contact for your family or the spouse in your family, you may update information for any of your family members.

What is the appropriate use of Branch Connect?

Branch Connect is intended for ministry purposes within The Branch Church only. Other information that you might wish to share, including “chain” emails, jokes, pictures, political discussion, and other personal communication should not be circulated using Branch Connect. The personal information of others is not to be traded, sold, or given to any other third party. In addition, your profile photo should be appropriate for viewing by other church members.

What else can I do?

Branch Connect provides an easy way to keep in contact with others at The Branch Church. You may directly email another individual, send a message to members of your groups, communicate needs within your groups, and learn about upcoming events for your groups. You also may search for information on groups you might be interested in joining.

Group leaders will be able to schedule events, share needs, post positions, view group participants, send emails, run reports, and take attendance. Additionally, each group leader will be allowed to add/remove people to/from the group as updates are needed, and share files with the group.

How will I know when there are updates to my groups?

The “Communication Settings” page allows you to determine what information you wish to receive from your groups. You can decide whether or not to receive: emails from group participants, immediate group comment updates, a weekly group activity summary, or text messages from group leaders. Your approval is required before any texts may be sent to you.

Will I have smartphone access?

Yes. You can find directions here:

Who do I contact with questions regarding Branch Connect?

Feel free to email Jaron Pitts anytime with your Branch Connect questions:

Also, check out the online help desk within Branch Connect.

Jaron Pitts

Jaron Pitts
 Creative/Communications Director
 Worship Leader

Contact Jaron,, for questions about our digital, video, and print communications.

Branch Connect FAQBranch Connect FAQ