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Bring Your Bible to Kids Branch

We are off and running on a year-long journey with Jesus. This past Sunday, we learned that Jesus came with a purpose, and began to walk that purpose out even as a twelve-year-old. During the next two weeks, we will be learning that Jesus is POWER, studying the stories of Jesus walking on water, calming the storm, and feeding the 5,000. During the week, open your Bible with your family and explore these amazing stories!

I receive questions routinely regarding what type/version of the Bible we use in Kids Branch, and which published Bible I would recommend. In Downtown -- nursery through four-year-olds -- we use The Jesus Storybook Bible. It brings the stories of the old and new Testament alive to younger kids, and begins to write the name of Jesus on their hearts at a very young age.

In Uptown -- kindergarten through sixth grade -- we use the New International Readers Version, which is an easy-to-read NIV translation. It is so important for our kids to be comfortable in the habit of reading and relying on the Bible, and I strongly ask that you have your kids bring their Bibles to Kids Branch with them every week. We read the Bible in Kids Branch. I want your kids reading from their Bible as we explore the life of Jesus.

I am thankful that Kids Branch has been PACKED the last few weeks! God is sending families our way, but there is always room for more -- invite your friends to The Branch! We can bring Jesus to our world through the lives of the younger generation. Let’s run out of space!

Live the Prayer.


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles