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Building Boulder

This weekend, we’ll be strolling through Joshua 4 together and exploring what it means to become “boulder.” Yes, I’m spelling that correctly.  I’ll explain this weekend!

We’ll also take a few moments to celebrate new life among us! We’ll be recognizing and blessing 35 babies (including triplets!) and their parents between both of our campuses!

We’re a little more than a month away from November 12th, when we will turn in our Beyond Me commitment cards. Prayer, discernment, and conversation within our households takes time. There’s still plenty of time, but don’t let it slip away. For those of us with children at home, this is a golden opportunity to model for our kids and grandkids what it looks like to seek God and prioritize what’s important in our lives.  To learn more about Beyond Me, click here.

Speaking of modeling, the other day I was visiting with a brother in Christ who’s walking through some difficulty in his marriage. He was at the airport and noticed a couple, most likely well into their 80s. The man was helping his wife check in. It was obvious that he wouldn’t be traveling with her. He was making sure she had everything, and escorted her all the way up to the security checkpoint. They then paused for a kiss and a prolonged hug.  My friend couldn’t take his eyes off of the couple.  He relayed to me every detail of what he observed and said, speaking of his own marriage, “I so very much want that for us.”

That old couple had no idea another person struggling in his marriage was watching them. But they provided his heart with a renewed vision for his own marriage. What a gift they gave him. 

Don’t sell the day-to-day honoring and loving of others short. It speaks volumes to others.

See You Thursday night or Sunday morn!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles