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Chasing Rabbits

When we lived in Florida, I was surprised by how big the sport of dog racing was. This is true, particularly in South Florida. If you’ve never seen a dog race, an electronic rabbit is mounted on a rail circling a track and dogs chase after it.  I read of one occasion, though, where the rabbit “broke down.” The dogs caught it but had no idea what to do with it - repeatedly barking, leaping, and yelling at it. 

This got me to thinking about some comments I’ve heard over the years from different professional athletes who’ve been a part of championship-winning teams. The comments centered on their restlessness in the days following achieving a lifelong dream - “catching the rabbit” of a championship. Tom Brady, Lebron James, and David Duval have all said that winning a championship wasn’t what they thought it’d be like. Within a few days, after the celebrations died down and those in the media wanted to talk about “next year,” these athletes were saying “This is it? This is what it feels like?” It wasn’t as fulfilling as they had hoped.

This isn’t just a theme in the sports world. This is a theme in most every arena of this world.  Some people chase their “rabbit” their whole lives, never catch it, and take their frustrations out on others around them and even themselves. Others catch it and find that it doesn’t do what they thought it would for them on the inside.

I think it’s possible to “catch the rabbit” and be fulfilled. It’s just that the fulfillment has little to do with the “rabbit.” It was Augustine who said “Our souls are restless until they find their rest in You.” We are custom-made to live in a relationship with God. Some pursuits are more important than others. Some pursuits are more life-giving than others.

This coming weekend in our James series we’re going to explore what it looks like to submit our pursuits and futures to God.  And this has something to do with setting us free to be all we can be for Him in the present moment.  Read James 4:13-5:6 and come with friends in tow! 

And if you missed this past weekend’s message “Fight Club” in our James series, make sure you take some time to watch/listen online or get the podcast off of iTunes.

GO week and VBS are just around the corner!  There’s still time to register to be a part!

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles