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10:45 am (Contemporary)

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Christmas At Your House And What’s Ahead In 2015

December 3, 2014

I’m excited to dive into our Christmas series with you this coming weekend: “Christmas At Your House.” Through this series, I hope to help us all bring Christmas home in a fresh and meaningful way. And please bring someone with you this weekend! People’s hearts tend to be a little more open this time of year when it comes to reflecting on Jesus and the weightier matters of life. You can find the series graphic and a brief description of it on The Branch’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as on our website. Please share, retweet, and link liberally in your networks. Let’s sow some seeds together this month!

Speaking of sowing seeds, this past weekend I announced The Branch’s intention to launch a third campus in early Fall 2015. We envision it being located somewhere in the vicinity of 20-25 minutes northeast of the Vista Ridge Campus. What’s important to me right now is that you know why. And by “why,” I’m speaking in terms of our intentions for every campus, more so than even the particular location of this third campus. If you missed the message this past weekend, I encourage you to watch/listen to it. I’m also linking the manuscript from this past week’s message if you would rather read it. It expresses most of what I covered.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be putting together some resources addressing frequently asked questions. For those interested in being a part of the launch of the third campus, we’ll be facilitating our first interest/dialogue meeting on Saturday night, February 7th, following the 5:00 pm service at the Vista Ridge Campus. Dinner will be included.

Anytime we are speaking about the future, we must be ever mindful of James 4:13-17. In the meantime, let’s be faithful in the present moment with the opportunities we have to help people encounter Christ at the center of Christmas.

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!



News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles