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Cross Words

Has anyone ever had a cross word with you? I’ll have three of them for you this weekend (beginning with our first service of the weekend on Thursday night). We’ll look at the “cross words” of Jesus as our journey through John brings us to Jesus upon the cross in John 19. We’re rapidly arriving at the crescendo of John, but we won’t skip the most difficult pages of the story. The story of the cross is not pleasant, by any means, and yet it’s the ultimate testimony of the love of Jesus. Come with friends in tow!

Speaking of friends, who are you praying for and inviting to join you for Easter at The Branch? Did you know that close to 75% of the people who are a part of The Branch today weren’t here 10 years ago? Almost all of them are here today because someone invited them. Don’t sell the power of a personal invitation short. You never know where the seed will lead.

This past month, we’ve been taking a few moments in our services each weekend to introduce the new features of The Branch app. Many of you have downloaded it to your phones or tablets, and are already using it for note-taking, interacting with my sermon notes, giving, and prayer requests during the week. If you have yet to download it to your phone or tablet, please take a couple moments and do so soon.

Grace and Peace,

See You Soon!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles