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Don't Blink!

What a surreal week.

There was the eclipse on Monday.  Isn’t it amazing how the sun seemingly slowed so many down and brought so many together for a few moments? Hmmmmmmmmm…….

On Tuesday, we moved Skyler into the same dorm at Abilene Christian University that I moved into 29 years ago this week -- on the very same floor, 19 doors down from me.

Don’t blink.

And don’t miss part 2 of “I Love My Church” this weekend! We'll talk about the church when and where all hell breaks loose. Bring a friend. Let’s do this!  

I’ve had the blessing of being with our Kids Branch and student ministry volunteers the last couple of weeks for their training and equipping. If you have kids or grandkids, don’t let them miss out on the extraordinary opportunity to connect with other kids and grow in their relationship with Jesus. We have a great Next Gen team and fantastic volunteers!

In all of our services this past weekend, we had a special time of blessing over students, teachers, coaches, administrators, and parents. I pray all of you are having a great week as forces of light!

See You Thursday night or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles