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News & Featured Articles

Driving With The Sharks

Everything’s bigger in Texas. How about that little minnow spotted on I-45 in Houston yesterday? When folks got up in Houston yesterday morning, they probably didn’t anticipate seeing sharks on their commute!

The flooding has been overwhelming in many parts of the state, and there are some people’s lives that will forever be marked by the events of this week. Don’t forget to be lifting up many of those affected, along with first-responders throughout the state.

This coming weekend in our Anti-Fragile Love series, I’m going to be talking about one particular lie that leads us into a lot of trouble when it comes to relationships and decision-making. Come with an open heart, your Bible, and friends in tow! I believe this weekend could be a “game-changer” for some of us!

We’ve been swimming in some deep waters the last few weeks in the Anti-Fragile Love series. We’ve talked quite candidly about some sensitive matters. Thank you for your willingness to wade into them with me. If you missed last week’s message concerning the rising tide of pornography in our culture, its impact on our lives, and a way forward through the grace and wisdom of Jesus, don’t forget that you can check it out online. (Also, don’t forget that recovery groups dealing specifically with the issue of pornography are launching at Celebrate Recovery tomorrow night, 7:00 pm at the Vista Ridge Campus. Help and resources are available!)

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles