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Expensive Meals

The Branch Church

July 25, 2018

What’s the most expensive meal you’ve ever eaten? There are such things in our country as $1000 bagels and $149 hot dogs. More about that this weekend.


Meals can be expensive in different ways. They can be expensive in terms of their cost. And they can be expensive in terms of what happens at the table. This weekend, I’ll be wrapping up our “Meals With Jesus” series by taking us to a story of a very expensive meal-table experience in the Gospels, and how it speaks into our lives today. (By the way, we’re having grilled pork chops Thursday night at 6:00 before our 6:45 service at VR, and they’re not expensive at all!)


Jesus created a bigger table. There’s an empty chair at it for someone in your life. What if you invited them to come to The Branch with you on Thursday night or Sunday morn? 


Thanks to Josh Brake (FB) and Ketch Smith (VR) for their great messages in our “Meals With Jesus” series this past weekend! If you missed them, you can check them out online!


See You Thursday or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,


Chris Seidman
Senior Minister


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News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles