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Experience Is A Great Teacher, And It's Cheaper When It's Not Yours

We had a great Mother’s Day weekend as we . . .

  • witnessed precious children and adults baptized into Christ at the FB Campus (and a swimming pool!).

  • wrapped up our “Wide Awake” series by exploring the reality of “Life Is Hard” that’s revealed in Scripture, and how to live in light of it. If you missed the message and the powerful testimony by Cindy Goodspeed, please check it out at the link at the bottom of this email.

  • broke in the newly renovated/expanded sanctuary at VR.  I’m grateful for the work of James Asplund, Josh Hobbs, David Teutsch, and many who’ve worked so hard these last few months on the VR sanctuary.

This coming weekend, our Next Gen Ministry Interns will begin their work among our kids and students for the summer. We’re blessed to have students with us from a cross-section of universities who share a commonality through Jesus and in their desire to pour into the lives of our kids and teens!

“Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.” (Gina Greenlee)

One of the many reasons I love the Bible is because of the variety of stories within it. You can find the good, the bad, and the ugly. This weekend, I’ll kick off a six-week series with you I’m calling “Crash and Burn: Lessons Learned.”

We’ll be walking through six different stories in Scripture in which people didn’t make the wisest of decisions or take the best course of action. This series isn’t meant to imply that “the ashes” have the last word on our lives or the plan of God. There is beauty that can be found beyond the ashes (Isaiah 61:3). But there’s also wisdom to be found in the ashes. 

We don’t always have to learn at the hands of our own experience. We can grow from other people’s experiences. There is so much that can make a difference in our lives that can be found within the Scriptures.  Bring your Bible, a guest, and an open and hungry heart!

Grace and Peace,

See You Thursday Night or Sunday,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles