Farmers Branch Campus

3035 Valley View Lane
Dallas, TX 75234

9:00 am (Traditional)
10:45 am (Contemporary)

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Vista Ridge Campus

3601 Huffines Blvd.
Carrollton, TX 75010

5:00 pm

9:30 am
11:15 am

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What is the difference between the Farmers Branch Campus and Vista Ridge Campus?

The Farmers Branch Church of Christ was founded in 1905 in Farmers Branch, Texas. The nickname The Branch was often used for this community of believers.  In 2005, the leadership shared a vision for being a multi-site church, or one church in multiple locations, under the name of The Branch. The first site to launch was the Vista Ridge Campus. We now use The Branch to describe the church, with each campus having its own name. You will often hear the terms Farmers Branch Campus and Vista Ridge Campus, all under the name The Branch. Find out more about our weekend services here.

Why the multi-site approach?

We believe that we will be able to expand our capacity to influence more people to live in an intimate relationship with God by making it possible for more members to live within 15 to 20 minutes of a gathering place for worship, encouragement, and ministry. This isn’t to say that worship, encouragement, and ministry doesn’t take place where we live, work, and play during the week. It does acknowledge, though, the partnership between our individual efforts to witness for Christ during the week, and our collective efforts to witness for Christ on the weekends through our worship gatherings. There is a benefit to being able to introduce those we’re reaching out to during the week to the experience of believers who gather together for worship, encouragement, and ministry to one another. Multiple campuses allow more members to live within proximity of a gathering place. We believe this will help in our efforts to reach out to those living around us.

In what sense are multiple campuses still one church?

All campuses of The Branch are served by one staff and group of elders though some have responsibilities that are site-specific. This means that all campuses are served in leadership by the same senior minister and executive minister. Both campuses are also operating out of the same budget. Both campuses are brought together on occasion for the same events such as mens’ and womens’ retreats, youth camps, mission trips, large-scale compassion ministry, leadership development, training for various ministries, and special conferences for marriage, family, etc.

How is the preaching done across multiple campuses given that services are happening at the same time?

Chris Seidman, our Senior Minister, rotates between campuses. Each campus is equipped to project a video of the message when Chris is not “in person” at that location.

Are other aspects of the service (i.e., music, prayer, communion, etc.) on video?

No. These things are done “in person” by those leading and facilitating services at each campus. Only the message is via video when the senior minister is preaching live at the other campus.

Will there be additional campuses beyond Vista Ridge?

Yes, God willing, it is the heart of the leadership to add new campuses in the future as our congregation grows. Our current plan is to nurture each existing campus to the point where the facilities are being used to their capacity. At that point, we hope to launch additional campuses in locations that are located near concentrations of current members to strategically advance the mission God has called us to.

Do you have other meeting times aside from the weekend worship services?

We encourage everyone to connect with believers in a small group regularly. We have groups that meet in homes at different times of the week. There are also a variety of other activities that happen throughout the week, including Ladies Bible Study, and Men’s Life. Check out the events page for featured upcoming events.

Do you have instrumental music?

The leadership of The Branch believes that music lifted up in praise to God and His Son is an outpouring from the heart of a person filled with the Holy Spirit. This offering can be vocal, instrumental, or both together. This conclusion is the result of much prayer and considerable study of the Scriptures on this matter. Currently we have one "voices only" service and one instrumental service at the Farmers Branch Campus and three instrumental services at the Vista Ridge Campus.  You can find a list containing some of the songs you might hear at The Branch on our Worship Music page.

Chris Seidman

Chris Seidman
Senior Minister
Governance Council

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Tim Ketchersid
Campus Minister, Farmers Branch Campus

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