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Go with God

Go. In the Christian culture, Go has become a short hand for the Great Commission. Matthew’s Gospel ends with the words of resurrected Jesus. He says, “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching them everything I have taught you.” This beautiful sending is not the only call to Go in the New Testament. This text taken alone might force us to miss the bigness of God’s sending. For instance 2 Corinthians 5 sends the church out to be ambassadors of reconciliation. This relational terminology calls the church into the work of rebuilding relationships. Elsewhere the church is called to be a community that is known by its love. John says, if you are not a community of love then you are just like Cain. Our imagination to Go into the world has to surpass preaching and teaching. Go means finding ourselves in the mission of God. This mission is nothing new. It is the unfolding drama that stretches from creation to God’s final New Creation. Understood as the holistic life of the Church, mission takes on a different life. It is not a final addition that only concerns itself with talking to people about God. It is concerned with the way we speak, act, and live. Going does not happen when you choose, going involves being a good neighbor, a reconciler, a proclaimer, and a performer.

In a little over a week, Go Week begins. The idea for Go Week came alive as a small group up people felt compelled to join the mission of God. They looked around and noticed needs and invited their friends to help jump into God’s mission with them. The idea turned into the church wide Go Week where we all get together to join God mission.

The beautiful thing about the Church is that it is the only community that exists for the sake of those who are not already members. The mission of God calls us beyond our number. Love sends us into the world to work and serve and care and share. This is where Go Week draws its inspiration. We choose to Go.

To enlist and choose how to be involved in Go Week click here.

But Go is not a week. Go Week is more like a springboard than a stopping point. A project might get accomplished, but the mission of God is ongoing. I hope you will join us as we serve during Go Week, and I hope the week will springboard you into a life of Going.

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles