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God's Address

Dallas Willard once said, “I’ve found God’s address. He lives at the end of my rope.” This is often where most of us find Him. He is faithful.

Our “Explore God” series continues this weekend as we unpack the question, “Is Jesus Really God?” Many of us have probably never asked this. We were raised to believe it and have never questioned it. There’s a difference, though, between a faith that is inherited and a faith that is owned. This weekend will be an opportunity for some of us to move to a new level of personal ownership when it comes to our conviction about His divinity. It matters. I’ll share why this weekend.

And then there may be a few of us who genuinely wonder about His identity as the Son of God. There’s no question that Jesus lived. Plenty of literary resources outside of the Bible testify to this. The sticking point for many is this: Was He, is He truly divine? Why does it matter anyway? I hope to give some food for thought for those who genuinely wonder about this.

Come with a hungry heart and friends in tow!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles