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(God's) Will And Grace

This coming weekend, we’ll be wrapping up our Anti-Fragile Love series. I’ll be addressing the most common question I’ve been asked throughout this series. It concerns the matter of homosexuality.

I know some are anxious about this weekend. I’ll level with you. I’m a bit preoccupied with this weekend, too. Some have been transparent with me regarding their experience with same-sex attraction. Others have spoken of friends and loved ones in this regard. On top of this, I think we are all quite aware of the un-Christ-like way some Christians in our country have responded. And then, there’s the story the media tells.

I hope that what I share will provide clarity as to the will of the Lord in this matter, and evoke compassion. There’s another “Will and Grace” story to consider. God’s will and God’s grace.

Finally, let me bring you up to date on a couple of transitions in our services beginning this weekend. You’ll notice that our offering and announcements will be moved to the middle of the service order. If you don’t have your prayer requests written in time, or need more time to complete your communication cards before the baskets are passed, there will be boxes for you to place your cards in as you leave the sanctuary.

In an effort to better minister to those seeking prayer on the weekends, we will be experimenting this summer with a new format. Our prayer leaders will be standing at the front of the sanctuaries, ready to receive people immediately after the dismissal of the service. We are hoping that this will provide a less rushed time of prayer/dialogue with individuals than what sometimes occurs during the service. We are also hoping this will serve to expand the possibility for people who are seeking prayer but are intimidated by the need to step out into the aisle in the middle of a service.

Congrats to all finishing school this week!

Grace and Peace To You All!

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles