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Greetings From Honduras - See You This Weekend!


Greetings from Honduras! My family and I will be returning, Lord willing, this Friday. It’s been an eventful week.

We’ve had the privilege of visiting some of the almost 80 homes many of you have built in Catacamas over the last 13 years with your hands and/or your offerings. We’ve also been honored to pray with so many who live in these homes. There are so many precious people you have touched through the years. Give a family the opportunity of living on a concrete floor (as opposed to a dirt floor), and the disease rate is cut significantly in a country like this. I had one woman tell me her house was like pure gold to her. (It’s 500 square feet and made of cinder blocks and a tin roof.)

This week, Tara and I have also been doing a conference for Honduran pastors in the area. Their stories are inspiring and heartbreaking. God was exceedingly gracious to bless the conference. Skyler and Cooper have been mixing and pouring concrete for a new house, while Garrison has been serving at the children’s home. I’ll be joining the crew today mixing and pouring concrete. There’s no telling how the patience of the crew will be tested by my concrete prowess.

It’s been an unusual week in terms of tragedy, according to Chip and Lisa Bloecher. One of the many families they care for in the community, through the Mamas in Catacamas ministry, lost a 10-year-old son this past Saturday. Within hours of landing in Honduras, we found ourselves with the family and the body of this precious boy. On Sunday, we attended the burial. There’s nothing quite like the sound of family members and friends shoveling rocky soil upon a casket just laid in a freshly dug hole in the ground. It was a blessing to see the community, though, which you have sown into and that the Bloechers are serving. They are rising to the occasion by comforting this grieving family. Death is quite the enemy. But it, too, will be placed under the Lord’s feet once and for all.

Thanks to Ryan Rainey at VR and Tim Ketchersid at FB for kicking off the “Just Like Jesus” series this past weekend! If you missed the opening message, join me by going online and watching/listening before this coming weekend. I’m looking forward to continuing it with you this Father’s Day weekend!

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles