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Here's Mud In Your Eye

Tara and I have a friend here who’s a part of The Branch. She is tremendously vision-impaired. It’s tied to a genetic degenerative disorder. For most of her child-raising years, she was unable to do things like driving. Most of us can’t imagine not being able to do that while raising children. She also has other physiological challenges.

But I’d be hard-pressed to find someone who has a more hope-drenched view of life than her. She sees Jesus so clearly, and is able to find the good and even “the party” in the midst of very difficult and challenging circumstances that have no instant resolution. She’s taught me a lot about what it is to truly “see” and what it is to truly be “blind.”

This coming weekend (starting tonight at our first service of the weekend), we’ll be walking through one of the most important stories in the gospel of John – the story of the blind man in John 9. Hopefully, you’ve been able to spend a few moments in it this week in our Life in the Son guide. Come with your Bible, open hearts, and friends in tow for “Here’s Some Mud In Your Eye!”

Grace and Peace!

See You Soon!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles