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Hoarding Mail?

Recently I was reading about a Brooklyn mail carrier who spent a decade intentionally hoarding over 40,000 pieces of mail to avoid doing his job. In September 2014, Joseph Brucato admitted hiding over 2,500 pounds of mail meant for customers.

A postal supervisor became suspicious about Brucato when he noticed his personal car was stuffed with undelivered letters. After investigators became involved, he admitted to hoarding priority, first-class, and regular mail addressed to Brooklyn businesses and residents. It took five postal agents five hours to remove the massive stash of hoarded letters from his apartment.
It’s ironic that one whose job was to deliver the mail wound up hoarding it. We’ve been called to deliver some mail ourselves. (One could even say we are the mail – a “letter from Christ” – according to 2 Corinthians 3:3.) There’s a message we’ve been called to share. Remember what I said last weekend. We’re not called to be attorneys. We’re called to be witnesses. Testify as to what you’ve seen of the love and power of Jesus Christ. Leave the “conviction” to the Holy Spirit.

I’m looking forward to sharing part three of the #worthit series this weekend. Read John 4 and bring a hungry heart and a friend!

Grace and Peace,

See You Soon!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles