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In 1950, the average home size in America was 983 square feet, and 3.37 people lived in it. By 2009, the average home's square footage ballooned to 2,700, with only 2.57 occupants. In 59 years, the average American home grew in square footage by 175%, while the average family size had shrunk by 24%.

I’ve been pondering what this is telling us about ourselves in our culture. I’ve been thinking a lot about our homes, what they are for, how they are used, and what their walls and rooms witness in our lives. Our homes witness some of our sweetest experiences in life, and some of our bitterest. May all of our homes be places where God dwells -- bringing healing, wisdom, and hope to us and others in the darker moments, and helping us to relish our sweeter moments.

This past weekend, we launched our journey through the book of Ruth, “Bitter To Better.” If you missed this first message, please watch or listen before this weekend so you’ll be up to speed. If you know someone in a bitter place in life, or you want to be equipped to know how to help someone who is, this could be a helpful series.

This past weekend, I also announced at the VR Campus that we’re bringing our Saturday night service to a close at the end of June; we’re launching a new service on Thursday nights beginning August 18th. You can go to for more insight into our rationale for this approach. As always, thank you for your prayers, participation, and support when we explore new ways of going about the mission of God at The Branch.

Finally, I’m thrilled to see the incredible summer our Family Ministry department has planned for hundreds and hundreds of kids at The Branch, and also kids from the communities surrounding our campuses! Don’t miss the opportunities to register for some incredible weeks of fun, friends, and growth in Christ for your kids or grandkids!

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!



News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles