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The Branch Church

September 6, 2018

Honor one another above yourselves. (Romans 12:10)


We launch a new series this coming weekend called “Honor.” There’s no shortage of conversations in our culture which revolve around the subject of honor. Honor is the glue that holds relationships together. When it is present, life flourishes. When it is not present, many different things are at risk.


There is much revealed in Scripture when it comes to honor. Come this weekend with friends in tow as we kick off a new series that will have significant applications for all kinds of relationships in our lives – beginning with God, but also including marriage, friendship, work, our church, teams, organizations, our community, and the country at large.


As a reminder, the last four messages I’ve done are all now available online for you to use and share as resources in regard to depression and suicide. I have no doubt you’ll have opportunities in the coming months to minister to someone in your sphere of influence. May God use you mightily to lift up the downcast!


We have Branch Orientation on both campuses this coming Sunday! If you intend to come, please help us plan for you by registering here.


See You Thursday Night or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,


Chris Seidman
Senior Minister


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News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles