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Hurricanes, Honor, And Bro. Eddy

The Branch Church

October 10, 2018

As I write, one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the mainland in 50 years is battering Panama City, Florida, and the surrounding area. Our family has ties going back some 20 years to people all along the coast, from Pensacola to Panama City. This is not only from our time living there, but also because we still vacation there every summer.  I’m sure many of you have connections to people in this area as well. It’s surreal to think how clear and sunny it is where I am today compared to the havoc there. Our thoughts and prayers are united with yours on behalf of many there.


Our Honor series and journey through Malachi will bring us to Malachi 2:17-3:5 this coming weekend. God addresses the question “Where is the God of justice?” He’s got an answer. It involves you and me. And it has everything do with the honor of God and the honor of others in our world. 


Speaking of honor, this weekend we’re acknowledging and celebrating the 30-year anniversary of our Farmers Branch Campus. We’ll also be recognizing our own Eddy Ketchersid as he and Verlen celebrate 60 years of ministry! I don’t have the words to convey the respect and appreciation I have for this couple, but it won’t keep me from trying -- nor should it you!


Finally, we’re weeks away from groundbreaking on the new children’s facility, lobby expansion, and remodel at the Vista Ridge Campus. VR folks, it’ll be great in the end, but it’ll be messy for a while. 


Kind of like our lives. 


Thank God for grace having the last word!


See You Thursday or Sunday!


Grace and Peace,


Chris Seidman
Senior Minister


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News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles