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I Had Hoped

I know of a pastor who was once told by someone leaving a service on Easter Sunday, “Pastor, you’re in a rut. Every Easter when I visit, you preach on the Resurrection.”  I’ll be in a rut this weekend, and there’s no better rut to be in.

This Easter weekend is for everyone who’s ever said, “I had hoped.” It’s for everyone who has ever had a moment in life when they realized their “preferred vision of the future” wasn’t going to come to pass.  Life has its share of difficult roads. But because of Easter, there’s hope on every road – no matter how difficult it may be.

Do you realize how likely it is that someone will take you up on an invitation to come with you to The Branch this weekend? It’s more likely than most realize. People will be open to coming this weekend. They just need us to ask. Aside from all that, isn’t the risk of being told  “no” worth it when you consider what they could gain if they come? Don’t forget, there are many who’ve been praying over the last few weeks for open hearts.

It’s our role to ask, God’s role to open hearts, and their role to respond.

Just do it.

Grace and peace,

See you this weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles