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I'm Not Your Momma

Alcoholics Anonymous introduced me to a phrase that has made more and more sense as the years roll by.  “Expectations are premeditated resentments.” This isn’t to say that having expectations is wrong.  It simply calls for us to consider what or how much we expect from God, life, or those we’re in relationship with.

I’ve got a buddy who, when he was first married, was in a hurry getting dressed in order to go somewhere. His new bride was in a hurry as well. Frantically, he said to her, “I need you to iron my shirt.”

She patiently replied, “I don’t have time right now.  You’ll need to iron it.”

To which he replied, “Baby, my momma always ironed my clothes.”

If God had equipped human eyes with lasers, he would have been vaporized. His new bride said four words that actually were quite wise and helped inform their relationship going forward. “I’m not your momma.”

There are some people who, when they get married, expect a spouse to do as Mom or Dad did for them. Expectations.

We have our share of expectations for God as well, and there are those moments when He doesn’t “behave” according to our expectations. These moments can be frustrating and even disheartening. But they are also learning opportunities.  He doesn’t always perform as we expect. In a sense, there are times when He says, “I’m not your momma.” And that’s a good thing.

This coming weekend, we’ll be in Matthew 21:1-11, and we will look at a profound moment in Jesus’ life when He didn’t meet expectations. And it was a very good thing. Bring a hungry heart and a friend!

A Word About Easter Weekend

Please be praying for hearts to be open to invitations to come to The Branch, as well as for hearts to be open to the message that weekend. I have a message specifically for all who have ever said the words “I had hoped,” but who have been living without much hope in their lives. Most people have had moments in life where their “preferred vision for their future” did not come to pass.  Easter has a word for all of us in this regard.  Be praying and inviting folks now.  It’ll be a great weekend!

Grace and peace,

See you this weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles