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Important Items The Next Couple Of Weeks

Everyone needs Christmas, because everyone needs Jesus.

Big things around the corner the new few weeks!  Let me bring you up to speed so that we can work together to make a difference in the lives of others in the weeks ahead.

  1. There’s always a bit of waiting involved at Christmas. It’s true for our journey with God as well. Christmas Playlist continues this week as we explore “Christmas in the Waiting Room.” (Old-fashioned homemade burgers before our Thursday night service this week! We start serving at 6:00 pm. Guests eat free!)
  2. Our Christmas communion and candlelight services are next week – December 22nd – 24th!  I’ve finished the short devotional message and am excited about sharing the word in person at all five of our services. Some are headed out of town on Friday the 23rd for Christmas, so take advantage of our first candlelight service on December 22nd!  For times of the services at our locations. Continue to spread the word and invite the people in your network of relationships! Every person in attendance will be receiving a gift book which has everything to do with the new series I’m launching January 1st in the Gospel of John.  It’s called Life In The Son.
  3. In light of our services on December 22-24th, we will not be hosting our regular worship services on Sunday morning, December 25th. We are encouraging everyone to honor the Lord that morning with family/friends at home. To assist, I’m in the midst of preparing a Christmas morning devotional which builds off of our Christmas communion and candlelight services.  You will be able to access this devotional next week on our website. It will be a PDF so that you can print it if you desire.
  4. If you’re in town on Sunday, January 1st, make it a point to begin 2017 with us in worship that morning. I’ll be introducing our series in the Gospel of John on New Year’s Day. Don’t miss this intro! It’ll get our journey and our year started off on the right foot!
  5. Please remember our expansion of the Vista Ridge Campus in your considerations for year-end giving. We are in the initial stages of working with our architectural firm, and will be expanding our children and student ministry space in 2017. Giving can be done online, click here.  Should you desire to gift stock, please contact David Teutsch and he can assist you.
  6. Thanks to all who worked so diligently in sacking Christmas hunger and giving/wrapping/distributing gifts for hundreds of children this Christmas! Smiles were abounding all over neighborhoods last Saturday. Like Mary said, “He fills the hungry with good things.”

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles