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Jesus Had a Purpose

Kids Branch is back in the rhythm! I love to be in Kids Branch when it’s packed -- and we had a bunch of kids in our classrooms this weekend learning about Jesus. Invite your friends with kids to The Branch! I promise Kids Branch will be a positive experience for them, and there is always room for a few more! This week we started our curriculum year by learning that JESUS CAME WITH A PURPOSE! And just like Jesus, we have a purpose to Obey God, Follow God, and Share God with others.

Read Luke 2:41-51, Matthew 3:13-16, Matthew 4:1-11 with your kids. Talk to them about how Jesus knew his purpose from a young age, how he submitted to God and to the purpose God had for him, and how he prepared himself to carry out that purpose.

Share with your kids what you feel your purpose in Christ is. Talk to them about what it means to live that purpose daily. Talk to them about what it means for us that Jesus left Heaven to come to Earth to carry out God’s purpose.

Be intentional this week in helping your kids understand that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that our purpose is to believe in Him, obey His commands, and share Him with others.

Live the Prayer.


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles