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Joshua, Beyond Me, And 3800

I know you’re hearing a lot from me right now – particularly with the weekday devotionals from Joshua.  I promise not to clutter your inbox forever. Just through early November. Ha!

Our series in Joshua is underway. We’ll be in Joshua 2 this weekend! If you prefer a hardcopy of the devotionals, we have a few left over from this past weekend. You can also download a PDF

We’re also in a season of prayer concerning our “Beyond Me” campaign. If you didn’t pick up the brochure this past weekend or missed the message in previous weeks regarding our proposed plan, please take a moment and read about it. This is an important time for us as a church, and every household’s response, due in early November, will be a critical part of this journey. 

In the course of doing some due diligence to prepare for “Beyond Me,” one of the interesting things we discovered is that from 2012 to August of this year, more than 3800 people have given to the work of The Branch in some way.

What’s intriguing about this is that 90% of the total money given during this span of time was given by 16% of those 3800+ people. What does this mean? On one hand, it could mean a minority of people among us are responsible for the majority of what’s given. On the other hand, what we don’t know is the level of sacrifice from person to person. 

Consider the story of the “widow’s mite” and what Jesus had to say (Mark 12).  One can give a little amount compared to others, and it be of greater sacrifice than others.  We’re not called to equal amounts, but we are called equally to a spirit of sacrifice. Let’s embrace it together.  

Let’s pray, listen, obey, and go “Beyond Me.”

See You Thursday or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,



News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles