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News & Featured Articles

"Lesson from Bilbo" by Tim Scott

Have you seen The Hobbit?  Its a story about a simple Hobbit who lives in a hole in the ground, but he's chosen to go on a grand adventure. This same theme is played out in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but with the fate of the world dangling in the balance.

In all these movies, the main Hobbit character -- Bilbo, and subsequently Frodo -- are surrounded by old friends, and new; and as they travel far and wide across a vast world, they long to return to their little hole in the ground in their little town -- the Shire.  They long to return home, to simple things and simple joys.

These movies resonate with us.  Partly because we love the idea of being called to a grand quest. But they also resonate because we all love the idea of a comfortable, warm, happy home, surrounded by the people we love. God has placed adventure on our hearts, but he also placed a desire to find joy in simple things. In family, in friends, in hospitality, in laughter.

I want to simplify in the new year.  To give thanks for the abundant blessings of a healthy family, good friends, and all the comforts God provides.  I want to count my wealth in the number of times I enjoy a meal with my family, or with old friends, and new.  I want to practice hospitality, the kind mentioned in Romans 12:13.   I want all of us to slow down from the grand adventures we are chasing, and spend time appreciating the simple things God has given us.  I bet it will be worth it.

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles