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Lifeguards Afraid Of Water

A couple of summers ago, our oldest son Skyler was a lifeguard. One thing about being a lifeguard:  You can’t be afraid of water or people who are drowning.  If you are, chances are you won’t be able to fulfill your role. 

One of the things I’ve been struck by in recent years is how fearful many professed Christ-followers are right now. Should we be wise? Absolutely. Do we need equipping and training from time to time? Sure. The reality is, though, we live in a world full of drowning people. This not a time to be afraid. This is a time for us to move toward them, reach out, and dive in. In the words of the old African proverb, “When you pray, move your feet.” 

Speaking of moving our feet, we’ll be in Joshua 6 this weekend, which is perhaps the most famous story of Joshua! If you can, take a few moments and tour it before coming this Thursday night or Sunday morning.

Please remember our “Beyond Me” project in your prayers, and continue to seek the Lord in regard to how you might respond to this initiative.

Finally, one of our most meaningful ministries at The Branch is called Branch Cares. This is a team of members who work together to help provide love, support, and care for others at The Branch who are dealing with matters such as serious illness, grief, or some other difficult transition in life. Jeff Andersen has provided a critical role of leadership for Branch Cares as they have helped to care for many members in recent years. Many of you know he’s in a serious battle with cancer and is facing it with great faith and grace. Please continue to join me in prayer for him and for many we know who are in bouts with disease right now. 

I’m thankful for Branch Cares, as well as for so many of you who care for and minister to others in ways that no one but God sees.  

Grace and Peace,

See You Thursday or Sunday!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles