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Like A Camel, But With Fajitas


Greetings everyone! I’m writing while en route to Israel. In the spirit of a camel stocking up on water before a long journey, I have just stocked up on fajitas at the airport before our long journey! Thank you for your prayers for Tara and me on our trip, as well as for our boys while we are away. We are excited about the opportunity of walking where Jesus walked, and hope that, more importantly, it will deepen and empower us to walk AS He walked, alongside all of you. (If you’d like to follow along on our trip and check out a few pics along the way, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the link at the bottom of this message.)

Lord willing, we’ll be back on Friday, March 20th. I have little doubt a story or two from our time in Israel might sneak into the message that weekend!

In the meantime, this coming weekend, both of our campuses will have the opportunity to hear from the hearts of our campus ministers on their respective campuses – Tim Ketchersid at the FB Campus and Ryan Rainey at the VR Campus. Come with open and hungry hearts!

This past weekend, I shared with you about an upcoming series we’ll launch Easter weekend: “Antifragile Love.” We live in a day and age where too many marriages, families, and friendships are coming apart all too easily. The good news is that the grace of God has made a way forward for healing in all of us who’ve been affected by such an experience. And there’s even more good news beyond this! Through Scripture, God has given gracious insight to us when it comes to learning how to build “antifragile” relationships – relationships that actually become stronger and more bonded under pressure. There will be many points of intersection in this series for people at every age and stage of life. Please be considering who you’ll invite to be with you at The Branch on Easter weekend and beyond, and be praying for them!

Grace and Peace To You All!



News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles