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Little Heartbreaks Now Beat Big Heartbreaks Later

When the boys were younger, Tara and I had a saying when we faced the pain of disciplining them. “Little heartbreaks now beat big heartbreaks later.” We meant that in regard to our boys and ourselves.

This coming weekend (beginning with Thursday night’s service), we’ll wrap up our “But God” series with a consideration of Hebrews 12:10: . . . but God disciplines us for our good.  There’s no way around seasons of discipline from God.  It’s impossible to grow as a disciple without being disciplined by Him. He prunes us even when we’re fruitful (John 15:2), and chastens us when we drift.  It’s not because He’s against us.  In fact, it’s the very opposite.

We’ll explore some of the questions that arise when it comes to the subject of God’s discipline in our lives, and talk about some practical issues as well.  Come with friends in tow! 

There is still much talk, pain, excitement, and frustration in the wake of the recent election. Pray for our country’s present leadership and incoming leadership.  Let’s be a voice of grace and peace with those we converse with. When we dialogue with people who feel differently than we do about the results, let’s seek to understand them before seeking to be understood by them. 

Let’s pray for our leaders.

Let’s love our neighbors.

Let’s follow the King.

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles