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What is a Marriage Mentee?

Mentee couples are typically paired with certified mentor couples after first completing an online information form, taking an online relationship and personality assessment and meeting with a member from the marriage mentoring leadership team. 

Just who are mentors?

  • Mentors are typically older, more seasoned married couples who have overcome various trials in their marriage. Most mentor couples have been married anywhere from 5 to 50 years and range in ages from 30 to 75. All mentors are trained and certified to lead couples through a well structured mentoring process. Mentors are also consistently supported with new resources and by ongoing conversations with mentor leadership.

What type of commitment is required?
  • Should you be qualified for the mentoring process, you will be required to sign a one-year statement of commitment, declaring you agree to meet regularly with your mentor couple as well as complete the homework assigned between sessions.
  • Mentors also agree to sign a statement of commitment acknowledging that they too commit to spend approximately one year with a mentee couple, leading them through the mentoring materials, while also providing encouragement and support.

Is mentoring counseling?
  • No. While mentor couples are trained and certified in the mentoring process, Mentors are not counselors and mentoring is not professional counseling. Mentoring is simply sitting down with another married couple who desires to encourage you and guide you in what it means to live in God’s perfect design for marriage. Mentors share their life experiences along with the word of God, which also serves as the reference guide for the mentoring process.
  • Mentors will use various tools, exercises and other techniques designed to help you learn new skills for more effective communication and conflict resolution.

How successful is mentoring?
  • Over 90 percent of the couples that take on a mentor couple and complete the mentoring process give testimony of enrichment or restoration for their marriage.

Where do mentors and mentees typically meet and for how long?
  • Mentoring sessions can take place at the home of the mentor or the mentee as well as space provided by the church during specific times each Sunday afternoon.
  • Mentoring sessions occur at least twice monthly and typically last for approximately 90 minutes. Some mentoring session occur weekly should both mentors and mentees agree.

Will we be paired with just anyone?
  • No. Mentees are paired with another couple that has had similar experiences as those the mentees are currently experiencing. While the mentor couple may not experience every life experience the same, many of the same principles for overcoming the circumstances are applicable.
  • Mentors are required to complete a personality assessment, so personalities are also considered when pairing mentor couples with mentees.

How much does mentoring cost?
  • Currently, the cost for all mentoring resources is $99. This amount includes the online relationship and personality assessment, the Mentor Journal, and two Devoted workbooks, which also includes your Mentee Journal.
  • Special payment arrangements can be made for those experiencing financial difficulties.

How long does it take to receive a mentor couple?
  • Depending on mentor availability, pairing can take up to 6 weeks. However, most of the time mentee couples are paired within two weeks of the mentee entry level appointment.

Getting Started

If you would like to take the first step toward getting paired with a mentor couple, simply email Janice Ingram. She will visit with you more and discuss next steps with you. Thank you for taking the first step to restore your marriage and to glorify God.

What is a Marriage Mentee?What is a Marriage Mentee?