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What is a Marriage Mentor?

Mentors are certified after attending a comprehensive training designed to effectively equip and support mentors as they come alongside another married couple who is seeking advice and help for their marriage. Below you will find more information about the mentoring process and how to become a trained and certified marriage mentor.

 So what exactly do mentors do?

  • Mentors are first trained and certified – Mentor training can be completed either by attending Discipleship U, where materials are covered during four 90 minute class sessions, or attending one of the one-day (Saturday) sessions that are occasionally offered throughout the year (These trainings are only scheduled on an “as needed” basis).
  • Mentors complete an online relationship and personality assessment.
  • Mentors connect with the mentoring leadership to learn more about them and their marriage, which also helps greatly in properly pairing mentors and mentees.
  • Mentors sign a statement of commitment, agreeing to spend approximately one year with a mentee couple, leading them through the mentoring materials, while also providing encouragement and support.

Where do mentors and mentees typically meet and for how long?

  • Mentoring sessions can take place at the home of the mentor or the mentee as well as space provided by the church during specific times on Sunday afternoon.
  • Mentoring sessions usually occur at least twice monthly and typically last for approximately 90 minutes.

Is support provided for mentors while they are mentoring another couple?

  • Absolutely! Mentors continually receive support through an online Mentor Support System as well as through direct access to mentor leadership via email and telephone.
  • Mentors are also assigned to a group of about five couples. This small group will meet approximately once per quarter for food and fellowship. Here mentors receive encouragement and new ideas from other mentors and the mentoring leadership.

Will we be paired with just anyone?

  • No. All mentee couples are qualified prior to being assigned a mentor couple. Mentee couples first complete an application, and then meet in person with church staff or personnel from the mentoring leadership, who assess their situation before making suitable recommendations for them and their circumstances.

Will we only be mentoring couples in crisis?

  • Couples seeking to enrich their relationship often request mentors, so there is no problem should you desire to only mentor couples not in crisis. Couples who are recently married often request to be mentored as well. Even so, all mentors are trained to work with couples who are struggling in their marriage. While many mentor couples are skeptical about being able to help another couple in crisis, our history proves that when a mentee couple commits to the mentoring process for at least 6 months, there is a 90 percent chance they will restore their marriage.

 Getting Started

If you would like to take the first step toward becoming a mentor, you can simply email Janice Ingram. She will contact you soon to visit with you more and discuss next steps with you.

Ready to sign-up? You can apply online. Just click below to apply as a mentee couple or mentor couple.

I want to enrich my marriage.

I want to invest in marriages.

Learn more about the Marriage Mentoring ministry, "Strong Marriages."

Janice Ingram

Janice Ingram
Women's Minister

Contact Janice,, for more information about the Women's Ministry, or if you just need someone to talk to.


What is a Marriage Mentor?What is a Marriage Mentor?